Big Melt Down

The Big Melt Down is a 12 week program that takes a realistic approach to weight loss and lifestyle change. This program will help you with real–life self empowerment, exercise, eating and well being. Certified Personal Trainers, Wellness Coaches and a Nutritionist will monitor and assist your 12 week journey to a healthier you.

The Big Melt Down is a Level 2 program. Participants should be able to power walk and rise off the floor without assistance. Modifications will be presented when available. If you have questions or concerns please contact Katie Nickel at 414-967-8269 to learn about our individual Big Melt Down program. The Big Melt Down is appropriate for ages 18 yrs and older


The JCC offers two programs in the Big Melt Down, Fresh Start and Refresh.

Fresh Start is our program geared for new Big Melt Down participants. It consists of two days of group training per week, a weekly nutrition group meeting, wellness coaching, and group and individual challenges. Returning participants are also welcomed.

Refresh is for returning Big Melt Down participants. It consists of two days per week of group training.

Training sessions are a mix of Fresh Start and Refresh participants and will follow the Fresh Start workout plan. Modifications will be offered when available. You must be a Big Melt Down graduate to participate in the Refresh Program.

For additional information about these programs please click here.

The Big Melt Down will start on Monday, September 29. To look over the entire Big Melt Down schedule please click here. Refresh will only participate in the training sessions. 


To sign up for Fresh Start you can click here to register online, register in person at the JCC, or by contacting Katie Nickel at 414-967-8269. Choose one of our training sessions, register, and then receive a confirmation email within three business days with detailed information about the program.

The Fresh Start program consists of small group training sessions, a group nutrition meeting on Wednesdays at 6:00pm on the 3rd floor of the JCC in the library, a welcome meeting at 11:00am on Sept. 13th at 11:00am and a post fitness evaluation on Dec. 6th or Dec. 13th (depending on your training session).

At the welcome meeting you will receive your Big Melt Down information folder with schedules, trainer/nutritionist information and answers to any questions. The trainers and nutritionist will be there to greet you and discuss details about the program. Finally, you will participate in your Fitness Evaluation. The purpose of the fitness evaluation is to ensure that all participants are ready for the Big Melt Down program. The fitness evaluation consists of a resting blood pressure measurement, initial weigh-in, measurements of the waist and hip, and a 3 minute step test.

To register for the Refresh program click here to choose one of the training sessions and contact Katie Nickel at 414-967-8269.


Click on the picture of each team member to read their wellness biography.

Katie Muellenbach

Session A (M/W 6:00 am) 


Amy Jahner

Session B (M/W 9:30am)

Ally Koller

Session C (M/Th 6:00pm)


Elaine Harvey



Katie Nickel

Wellness Coach




Come to the welcome meeting on Saturday Sept 13th at 11:00am in studio A to meet the trainers, nutritionist, and to find out the details to the program. You can also contact Katie Nickel at 414-967-8269 or email her at

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