Chaverim (Adult Special Needs)

Chaverim is a social, recreational, educational and Judaic program for adults with developmental disabilities. The group meets 6 – 8 times a month and offers a variety of activities that focus on fostering ongoing learning and personal growth. Activities include art based crafts and projects, dining out, community events such as Jazz in the park, Milwaukee sporting events, theater productions,  life and social skills courses with Jewish family Services, an annual choral/ musical performance and luncheon’s at local synagogues.

All of these activities are designed to help adults with developmental disabilities increase their social skills, form peer relationships and feel a part of the community. This group also specializes in adhering to low income individuals. We provide transportation to each event whether it is at our Jewish Community Center or out in the city of Milwaukee. Each member can pick and choose which activities they wish to attend and we price it at a rate they can afford. Our members gain a sense of community, belonging, satisfaction and an active social life.

Upcoming Events:

July 2016 Schedule

August 2016 Schedule


For more information about Chaverim, to volunteeer, or to find out more information on ways to contribute/support, please contact Jody Margolis 414-967-8206.


Milwaukee Public Museum


Jazz in the Park

Milwaukee Art Museum

Harley Davidson Museum

Art & Paint Night