Membership Plans

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Becoming a member of the JCC has never been more meaningful - or easy! Our updated membership structure ensures that, wherever you are on your journey, the JCC can be a stop along the way.

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP - Our most flexible option; no annual contract required - join at any time!

Individual      $76/month
One-Plus-One      $114/month   
Family      $128/month


 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP - Our best option; get the best possible JCC experience - at the best price!

Individual    $66/month
One-Plus-One    $99/month
Family    $111/month

SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP - Our most lasting option; enjoy all the benefits of your membership - and do some good for the entire community!

Benefactor    $115/month
Patron    $226/month


Corporate Partner

   Gan Ami Early Childhood Education

One Adult Family    Milwaukee Jewish Federation Partner
Young Adult    Pay in Full*
Senior Adult                                    *Available for annual members only


Individual Membership    $50
Multi-user Membership    $100


Additional Monthly Fee*
Individual Women's or Men's Health Center $51 (Corporate $46)

Couple's Health Center $89 (Corporate $80)

Membership in the Men's and Women's Health Center offers an individualized level of service and a retreat from the pressures of everyday life.

The Health Center provides a spa-like experience:

    A private, adults-only atmosphere
    Dry sauna
    Steam Room
    Free Indoor Cycling Classes
    Coffee/tea/cold drinks, snacks and Sunday continental breakfast
    Free laundry service
    Free kit locker & towels
    Complimentary toiletries
    A place for you to leave your personalized robe

Health Center membership also includes privileges for special events during the year.


Enjoy all of the benefits of JCC membership, plus help support the JCC's special programs with an additional donation.


You can make a difference. You can become one of our valued Patron Members. If you are currently a regular user of the JCC, the Health Center and our programs and classes, you could benefit by upgrading to Patron Membership. As a bonus, you would be supporting the JCC and its efforts on behalf of the community in a way that would benefit you financially.

A Patron Membership costs $2712.

For this fee your family receives:

  •     Family Membership privileges
  •     Couple's Health Center membership (including free Indoor Cycling Classes)
  •     Most classes free or at a discounted rate
  •     Patron Member's also have an earlier registration date giving the highest priority
  •     Two free tickets to JCC-sponsored programs
  •     Complimentary "nanny" or "care giver" membership
  •     Acknowledgement  in Program Guide and on JCC stationery
  •     Tax deductible contribution

The extra support provided by our Patron Members enables the JCC to continue to offer programming that benefits our community in the areas of education, culture and social services. Many of these programs, beneficial as they are, are not self-supporting. Through the support of Patron members, the JCC is able to maintain the high level of offerings for which we are known.

The amount of your charitable contribution can be adjusted to reflect the portion of your membership that is not used. Even if you do not actively use the JCC yourself, we still encourage you to consider a patron membership. Your tax deductible donation could be up to $2712. Some restrictions apply.


You can support the JCC by adding a contribution to your Family Membership too. Become a Benefactor member!

By paying $1380 a year, you can get the benefits of a Family Membership plus a tax-deductible contribution that can be adjusted to reflect the portion of your membership that is not used up to the full $1380. We will acknowledge your donation in the Program Guide and on JCC stationery. For more information, call the Membership Department at 414-967-8268.

* Based on a 12-month commitment. Fees in effect through 6/30/2017.