Chaverim (Adult Special Needs)

Chaverim is the JCC’s program to help adults with developmental disabilities increase their social activities, broaden their community awareness, and form peer relationships. Educational, cultural, recreational, community service, and social opportunities are tailored to foster ongoing learning and personal growth.

Over seventy percent of adults with developmental disabilities served through Chaverim live in group homes. The group homes' primary goal appear to be taking care of daily living skills and focus significantly less on social and recreational activities or involvement in the community.   And for the remaining Chaverim participants who live independently or remain at home, their social isolation is even more dramatic. Chaverim offers a regular structure and opportunity for social, recreational and cultural events – and help our participants build lasting friendships as a result.

For more information about Chaverim, including a schedule of events and ways to contribute or support, please contact Tiffany Gardner at 414-967-8198