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The JCC Loves Our Shin Shins

October 24, 2012

Moshe and Nitzan.  Nitzan and Moshe.  Have you heard these names mentioned around your house?  Wondered who they are?  Nitzan and Moshe are our friends from Israel who have come to spend a year working in Milwaukee and getting to know your kids.  They are emissaries, sent by the Israel government to help educate about Israel and build bridges between the United States and Israel.  This year of service to Israel is an added year to their 2 years of mandatory service in the Israeli Army.  Becoming a Shin Shin is competitive and less than 30 are chosen each year throughout the United States and Canada.  Milwaukee is proud of our participation in the Shin Shin program and has been for close to 10 years!

In fact, if you look at the above picture you can see two sets of Shin Shins pictured.  Maor and Einav were here 5 years ago.  They established such close ties to Milwaukee that they came back to Milwaukee to visit their host families and friends.  Once a Milwaukee Shin Shin, always a Milwaukee Shin Shin.

So what do Moshe and Nitzan do here in Milwaukee?  Their primary roles are to teach in both Gan Ami and MJDS (the Milwaukee Jewish Day School).  On Mondays and Wednesdays, Moshe is with Gan Ami and Nitzan is at MJDS.  Tuesdays and Thursdays they flip.  Fridays, they travel back and forth between both campus for Shabbat Sing and other Friday activities.  In the classrooms, they teach Hebrew, educate about Israel, play games and spend time forming relationships.  On Monday afternoons they work with KidsCenter, the JCC’s after-school program.  During the rest of the week they work with Synagogue Hebrew Schools so that they can get to know as many kids in Milwaukee as possible.  They also go to Nicolet and work with the Hebrew department there.

That’s a lot of Hebrew!  How is their English?  Their English is GREAT!  They are both easy to speak with and have already added quite a bit to Gan Ami.  They are also extremely talented.  Nitzan is a tremendous artist who loves to ride horses and dance.  Her smile is contagious!  Moshe is a champion ping-pong player who also sings and plays guitar. 

Throughout the year you will hopefully get to see them at various Gan Ami programs and throughout the JCC.  Don’t wait!  Get to know them now.  If you are interested in hosting them for a meal just let Rabbi Shari Shamah know. 

We’ll also be including the Hebrew words that they are teaching in Gan Ami classroom newsletters so that parents can follow along with their children.  Don’t worry…we’ll put the words in transliteration so there are no excuses. 

Welcome Moshe and Nitzan to Gan Ami and the JCC!