The Big Melt Down is Seeing Success!

November 1, 2012

The fall Big Melt Down is starting its 5th week and everyone is seeing success! With 8 people in the fresh start program a total of 33 pounds have been lost, and self-esteem and confidence is being gained. Two times a week participants meet with their trainer in a small group and experience high interval, fat burning work outs that combine both strength and cardiovascular exercises.  After these sessions, participants are given physical activity homework to complete throughout the week.

In addition to meeting with a trainer, participants have an hour group meeting with nutritionist Elaine Harvey. These meetings dig deep into the importance of healthy foods, eating and lifestyles. The fall participants just finished learning about the importance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and how to make healthier choices with these key macronutrients.

Over the next few weeks, participants will participate in even more weight loss activities, nutrition advice and healthy habit forming sessions.

Interested in learning more about the Big Melt Down Program or other wellness programs at the JCC?  Contact Katie Fell, Group Exercise Coordinator, at 414-967-8269 to find out more about the program.