Family Movie Night in February is a little different!

January 10, 2013

By Sarah Ruiz & Rabbi Shari Shamah

Have you tried a Free JCC Family Movie Night yet?  Have you heard from friends who have?  Each month in the winter we turn the Daniel M. Soref Community Hall into a movie theater.  We start with Havdalah at 5:30pm – saying goodbye to Shabbat, then we get our kids active with Discover Catch activities and offer a pizza dinner for purchase before the show.

Finally, it’s show time!  The lights go down, the sound comes up and our BIG SCREEN is transformed into a theater.  Careful how you step in the front of the room as dozens of children in their pajamas spread out blankets, pillows and stuffed animals and settle in for the action.  Want Popcorn with your movie experience?  We’ve got it! 

When the movie is over, sleepy children and their parents return home dreaming about the fun they and their favorite movie characters they’ve just seen.

Free Family Movie Nights began four years ago and have become a huge JCC member value.  Hundreds of families have already joined us. 

Have you?  Is this your month to try?  February 2 is our last Movie Night of the season.  As a special treat, we are leaving the movie choice up to the kids.  Members of our Family and Children’s Center have selected their favorite children’s movies to choose from.  We are inviting you and your kids to go to cast your vote (By clicking the image below).  The favorites are:  Cars, Shreck, Toy Story, and Princess and the Frog.

So, vote today and then show up on Feb. 2 as we press play to reveal the winning movie.