Why Sign Your Child Up for JCC Swim Club?

February 18, 2013

Interested in the JCC’s Swim Club?  Here’s one active parent’s feedback on the program.

Are you wondering whether to sign your child up for the swimming team at the JCC?  Well, wonder no more.  Whether you have a boy or a girl, whether your child is 6 or 13 - our small private team, with patient and dedicated coaches will allow your child's athletic and personal potential to blossom.
My son started on the JCC swim team at the age of 6.  Was I worried?  You bet.  He could swim well, thanks to the private swim lessons at the JCC, but been a part of the team was a completely different experience, full of wonder and fun, but challenges and responsibilities as well.  My son was unsure of himself, he felt like everything he did was under a microscope - and in front of GIRLS!  He was shy and introverted, and did not believe he had it in him to succeed.  And he was absolutely terrified of losing, in front of people who knew him.  Oh, the drama of 7!
5 years later, my son is one of the "cool kids" at the JCC.  Lifeguards know him, front desk personnel knows him by name, and he walks into the club with a confidence of someone on the A-list.  You can see him at the pool, striking up casual conversations with the lifeguards, slamming high-fives to kids, shouting "THANK YOU, COACH ALEX!" He has no trouble saying loudly "Hey, Eva, how's it going?!" He beams with confidence and self-assurance.  At home, he recites jokes said at the pool, talks about his plans for the next swim meet.  He loves the meets - they are short, and not frequent enough to become a chore.   
No doubt, swimming several times a week does wonders for my son's physical fitness, but the swim team experience at the JCC does more than make him a better swimmer. It makes him a more responsible, purposeful boy, able and willing to work well with others.  I see him cheer up younger teammates when they do not do well, celebrate his teammates' victories, and push himself to be better, not just for himself, but to make his team, and his coaches proud.  

-- Maria R.

Contact Aquatics Director Alex Nicoud, 414-967-8194, for more information about the JCC's Swim Club and other aquatics programs.