Spring 2013 Program Highlights

March 19, 2013

Spring is coming!  With the clocks pushed forward and the weather hopefully getting warmer, we are getting ready and excited for our spring terms classes here at the JCC.  Have you thought about what spring classes you are going to take yet?  See a few highlights below and check out the Spring Program Guide for even more great program opportunities. Registration for members and the community is open. - Classes start the week of Sunday, April 7th!

Children's Classes

Lenny to Legos Combo (pg. 13)

Jump, climb and play with Lenny to develop gross motor and large muscle skills. Then join Tami to build with  Lego Duplos to learn concepts such as numbers, sorting  and colors.

Clay Studio (pg. 13)

Use a variety of clay like materials: Crayola magic, oil base clay and earthen clay to sculpt your  creations.

Young Athletes I and II *STARS Friendly (pg. 14)

Young Athletes Program is an innovative sports play program for children ages 2-7 of ALL abilities designed to introduce them to the world of sports. Through foundational skills, your child will join the children world-wide in improving their motor, cognitive and social skills. The benefits are numerous!

Home School Phy. Ed. and Swimming (pg. 21)

Every child needs more physical education and every child should learn how to swim. Join our Home School Physical Education program and you will receive both!

JCC Tutoring Center (pg. 22)

Now open for all students who are seeking academic assistance in reading, math, science or social studies for grades 1-8.  JCC tutoring also specializes in organizational skills, which are often the foundation to academic success.  Tutoring is staffed by qualified and experienced educators and assistants.  Staff works with children in small groups to meet their academic needs.  This program is geared toward families who are unable to afford private tutoring.

Dates, prices and instructor information provided in the program guide.

Adult Classes

Zen Cycle + Yoga (pg. 31)

A combo class that combines a 45 minute indoor cycle adventure with 30 minutes of cycle-specific yoga.  Kurt Braun, RYT and Spinning Instructor, will prepare you for the outdoor cycle season by challenging your strength, endurance and speed and flexibility!

Nia + Yoga (pg. 31)

Treat your body to a workout designed to elevate your heart rate and raise your spirit.  This class combines 25 minutes of NIA (a form of joyful dance) with 25 minutes of yogic stretching.

Pilates Barre Class (pg. 32)

Barre class is designed to lengthen and strengthen the body. It employs elements of classical Ballet technique and Pilates in order to sculpt the arms, tighten the abdominals, tone the hamstrings and lift the rear end. Standing exercises at the barre, in the center and floor work all combine to improve strength and alignment to help you move through your day with the ease of a dancer!

Bridal Boot Camp (pg. 35)

Whether you’re the bride in a wedding or just looking to kick up your workout, this small group training boot camp class will help you to tone-up, slim-down and feel great! This boot camp is designed to work your entire body to maximize fat loss and increase muscle tone. Enjoy a more intimate environment with individualized instruction to have you looking and feeling great!

The JCC’s Indoor Triathlon - Coming May 2013 (pg. 36)

This mini-triathlon is perfect for the seasoned athlete or first time triathlete. Individual and team entries are welcome. Teams must consist of at least 3 people.

The Play’s the Jewish Thing (pg.38)

Now’s your chance to be a star! Come to a play reading where YOU are the actors and stars. No experience necessary.

HOMELAND: Prisoners of War (Hatufim) Season I (2012) (pg. 40)

The original Israeli version of the hit Showtime series. 

Dates, prices and instructor information provided in the program guide.