Ask the Camp Directors: Parent Child Camp

June 3, 2013

Have questions about camp?  Enjoy our weekly Ask the Camp Directors article that will feature questions and answers about our JCC Camps.  This week, learn more about our Parent Child Camp!

I have been hearing about how awesome JCC camps are for years.  My children are still a bit too young to go.  How can my preschooler’s see what camp is all about?

Parent Child Camp is the answer for you.  New this summer introduce your child to all the amazing camp experiences the JCC has to offer. Monday and Wednesday we will take a bus as a group out to RDC in Fredonia.  Tuesday and Thursday you will spend the morning at the JCC playing games in the pool, sports with Coach Aaron, art projects and cooking.  If you are looking to get a taste of all that JCC camping has to offer, this is a perfect opportunity.  Parent/Child camp is the perfect introduction to KC camps, sports camps and RDC.  Consider it “summer camp training” for your little one!  This is an awesome way to spend a week with your friends or meet parents with children the same age.

Are you a grandparent looking to spend some quality time with your grandchildren?

This is a unique opportunity for you to experience camp with your preschool age grandchild.  This is quality time that we have all planned out for you with lots of fun activities.  For the rest of their lives, you can take credit for being the one to introduce your grandchildren to JCC summer camps. 

Are you a working parent who wants your nanny to keep your little ones active this summer?
Here is one week where the tv will be off all morning!  Your children will stay engaged, busy and active under the watchful eye of your caregiver.

Is this camp just for moms?  No way!  This camp is for anyone who wants to spend a super fun week with their amazing preschooler.  Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Caregivers, Aunts, Uncles, all are welcome! 

This is a great introduction for your child to get comfortable with JCC camps.  Next summer when they are old enough to go to camp without you, they’ll have already experienced Rainbow Day Camp, Gesher Camp, Sports Camp, and Kids Center Camp. 

Click here for registrations forms.  Please get them in soon.  We’re looking forward to spending the summer with old friends and new!

Have more questions?  Contact Sarah Ruiz at 414-967-8185 or click here for a printable flier.