Ask The Camp Directors: Rainbow Day Camp

May 27, 2013

Have questions about camp?  Enjoy our weekly Ask the Camp Directors article that will feature questions and answers about our JCC Camps.  This week, learn more about Rainbow Day Camps!

Question: Every year there seems to be new and exciting programs additions added to RDC.  What can we expect that is new and exciting this year?

Lenny: After last year’s hot summer, one of the new additions for this summer is the Zoom Floom, a 90 foot inflatable water slide that will be located on our hills off of the athletic field.  We plan on using this for hot days and for our regular program days.

This summer we are also pleased to introduce JCC Growing Partners a cooperative program with Growing Power.  Our campers will learn about food from the soil to the plate in three phases.  In phase 1 our campers will learn all about agriculture and planting, in phase 2 campers will learn how to harvest the food they grew, and in phase 3 our campers will learn how to cook and prepare healthy snacks with the food they grew.

Another new addition is the new rope swing that will be added to the already popular Wibit, inflatable water toy, in the Agam (pond).

Lastly, our Middle schoolers have additional surprises that are secret!  So if your child is a middle school campers, contact me for more information about your special surprises for the summer!


Question: My child is a little wary about going to Rainbow Day Camp this summer.  What can I do to fix that?

Lenny: You can contact me to find out what is available for your child’s age group.  Every year as your child gets older; there are new and exciting opportunities that await him/her.   I am very happy to meet in person or talk on the phone to go over any concerns.


Question: Are Scholarships for Rainbow Day Camp still available for this summer?

Lenny: Yes, there are limited scholarships still available.  If you are interested in learning more, contact Melinda Steffey.  All scholarship inquiries are confidential, so it doesn’t hurt to find out more information. Click here to learn more about the scholarship application process and the scholarship application.


Question: My child loves camp, and I would love to see the place my child loves so much. Can I visit camp?

Lenny: Please come and visit camp!   You can come and visit camp by participating in our open house on June 6th or June 10th, partake in one of our open Saturday and Sundays (dates will be posted on the website), come for parents day and Family Shabbat Picnic on Friday, August 2nd, or just call camp (920)994-4614 to set up a time to come and visit!


Question: I want to know more about what is happening at Rainbow Day Camp.  How can I stay more connected?

Lenny: There are many ways for you to stay connected.  Go to our website – www., “like” us on Facebook -, email me –, or call the camp office (920) 994-4614.


Zoom Floom