JCC Camps Are Making A Difference This Summer

August 8, 2013

Our campers at JCC Rainbow Day Camp, Camp Shemesh Gesher Adventure, Gesher, Aleph, Gesher & Aleph in Mequon and Sports Camps have been up to GOOD these past few weeks! Look What they have done so far!

Week One, all of our JCC camps collected 810 books for the Next Door Foundation.  The K5 Gesher campers helped count and sort all of those books.
K5 Gesher Kids Sorting Books
Next Door Foundation Loves Their New Books

Week Two, all of our JCC camps collected 70 baby items (diapers, wipes, cream, food) for the Jewish Community Pantry. The Gesher Adventure kids went to the Jewish Community Pantry to deliver the items and learn more about how the pantry serves the community.  
Gesher Adventure Counting and Sorting Baby Supplies
Week Three, all of our JCC camps collected 2,517 crayons, 683 markers and 457 colored pencils for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The middle school unit of Rainbow Day Camp (Tzofim/Ozrim) chose the project and carried it out. 

JCC Rainbow Day Camp's Tzofim & Ozrim Made a Video to Promote Their Tzedakah Project

Week Four, all JCC camps collected $50 in coins which allowed us to purchase 72 new pairs of flip-flops for Cathedral Center. Camp Shemesh, our afternoon camp for school-age children went to purchase the flip flops for delivery.

Camp Shemesh Kids Buying Flip Flops

Week five, all JCC camps collected 114 pairs of shoes for Bottomless Closet. Bottomless Closet is part of Community Advocates and offers men and women a chance to “shop” for 3 full outfits that they can wear for jobs and job interviews to get back on their feet.  These outfits are free. Our Gesher campers helped sort an count all of the shoes that were delivered.
Gesher Campers counting and sorting shoes

114 pairs of shoes were collected for Bottomless Closet

Bottomless Closet is set up like a boutique so clients can shop with pride.
Week six, all JCC camps collected dozens of kitchen supplies for Meta House. Our Gesher Adventure campers delivered all of the supplies.
Gesher Adventure delivering kitchen supplies to Meta House

Gesher Adventure delivering kitchen supplies to Meta House
We can't tell you how grateful we are for all of the support you have given to our summer tzedakah projects. Together we are making a difference in our community!
There are still many Tzedakah Day projects this summer. Click here to see the Tzedakah Days Schedule for the entire 2013 summer.
Have questions about Tzedakah Days at the JCC?  Contact Rabbi Shari Shamah at 414-967-8229.