JFIT: Why We Love It

October 16, 2013

By Grace Fantle, Camp Interlaken’s Program Director and Alumni Engagement Coordinator and Melissa Feldmesser, Membership Services Coordinator

Seven weeks ago, huffing and puffing, 10 lbs. heavier, we embarked on a new fitness journey, JFIT.  

What is JFIT you ask? It is a 55 minute Functional Interval Training class that involves 6 stations-working every muscle group while keeping your cardio level high. Over the past few weeks we’ve used slosh pipes-for strength and balance as well as TRX straps and giant ropes for cardio and strength to name a few. The stations change every 2 weeks and the workouts stay new, exciting, and challenging. JFIT is tailored to all activity levels and with a maximum of 1:10 personal trainer to participant ratio; everyone gets all of the personal attention needed for success.

JFIT gave us the opportunity to mentally and physically challenge ourselves, push our fitness to another level, continue our paths to healthier lifestyles and is now an essential part of our week.

With the intense workouts, we knew that we would develop more sculpted figures, feel stronger, have more endurance, and would become healthier.  What we did not expect however was that we would build so many incredible relationships.  As part of the class, we are paired up and encouraged to change partners each round, allowing us to meet new people and cheer each other on. As JCC staff members, this has been a great way to get to know other staff, members, and instructors on a more personal level.

Click here for the weekly JFIT schedule and to learn more about JFIT.  Come find us in a class; we challenge you to be our partner!