Iron Man Challenge

November 25, 2013

By Amy Kimball, Health, Recreation & Fitness Intern

Commitment, heart, and discipline are just a few words to describe what it takes to complete an Iron Man challenge. What started out as a small idea to do a 30-Day Indoor Iron Man challenge, turned out to be something march larger.  With 21 participants all together (many being staff), this year’s Iron Man Challenge was a HUGE success.

Our version of the Iron Man challenge consisted of completing the 3 requirements of an Iron Man triathlon within a 30-Day time period.  In other words, each participant had to complete 26.2 miles of running, 112 miles of biking, and 2.4 miles of swimming within the month of October.

We decided to do the event in October to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.  Many of our members and guests have a personal connection with the awareness and wanted to get involved and help. At the completion of the challenge, The JCC donated funds to a charity organization of choice of anyone who completed the Iron Man Challenge.

In addition to Breast Cancer Awareness, the Iron Man Challenge was designed to help our members get out of their workout comfort zones.  Some may like to only use the treadmills to run, some members may find the rigor of a spin class exhilarating, and some may like to just swim a couple of laps for a low impact workout.  It is very rare to find a person who enjoys participating in all three events, so this pushed our members to try something new in their workout routine.

Participants of the challenge had the opportunity to either complete the challenge as a team, or to try to complete the requirements on their own.  We had many participants complete the challenge, but we want to offer a HUGE Mazel Tov (Congratulations) to the four JCC staff members who completed the challenge on their own: Davida Safer, Veronica Gagliano, Shoshanah Bruesewitz, and Donna Marcus. 

After speaking to some of our participants, I got some great feedback about the experience with the Iron Man challenge.  Donna chose to participate in the event because she thought it was a fun way to workout.  Because of her participation in the 30-day Iron Man Challenge, she has now started working with a personal trainer again and is continuing to walk, bike, and swim on a regular basis.  “Its wonderful [that] we have such a fantastic facility that allows me and encourages me to accomplish my fitness goals.”  Donna said she was able to finish because of “the encouragement I received from members and staff.”

It was wonderful to see so many staff and members involved in the challenge, whether they were participating or there for encouragement.  Thank you for making the JCC’s first 30-Day Iron Man Challenge a huge success.