Milwaukee Fire Department and JCC Team Up

December 6, 2013

By Deb Carneol, Social Media Coordinator

Fitness is important for many professionals, but especially so for the men and women who serve as firefighters.  So when the JCC purchased new free weights for the fitness center, it made sense to donate the old weights to Captain Carter Hunnicutt, JCC member and a firefighter with the Milwaukee Fire Department, Engine 27 & Truck 5.

According to Captain Hunnicutt, all of the existing exercise equipment at his firehouse had been purchased by the firefighters themselves or had come as a donation.  “Fitness is obviously an important facet of our profession and it’s a particular challenge as we get older and potentially accumulate more injuries.” said Hunnicutt. 

This is not the first JCC equipment to make an appearance at a firehouse.  A few years back, that same firehouse acquired a JCC treadmill which is still used daily.

While Hunnicutt is one of the only firefighters at his station that is a member of the JCC and uses our equipment regularly, just knowing the JCC’s equipment helps make his firehouse healthier is exciting for Kris Anderson, Fitness Director at the JCC.  Anderson added, “As a community center, one of our goals is to help build a strong and healthy community.”