Hanoch Piven, Israeli Artist Creates at the JCC

January 27, 2014

By Sarah Ruiz, Youth & Adult Engagement Director

The JCC values the importance of art.  We have been doing more and more of large scale art projects and they are so much fun not only to participate in - but to see around the building weeks, months, and even years later.  In 2008, Gan Ami Early Childhood education ran an art day for families where they created their own version of Noah’s Ark out of papier mache.  The next time you’re in the Gan Ami Atruim, look up.  The animals are beautiful.  Some are easily identifiable, like the giant fish and the beautiful camels, while others were created by some of the most creative little people I’ve ever seen.  (What I believe to be flying monkeys are particularly incredible!) 

This commitment to the visual arts continues as on Sunday, February 9 at 3:00 PM, as the JCC and the Israel Center welcome world renowned Israeli artist Hanoch Piven to the JCC to lead a community art happening.   Children and families of all ages will work together to create a large piece that will become a permanent fixture here at the JCC.  Participants will create a collage that is reflective of themselves and or their family.  At the end of the program, Hanoch will photograph each piece to create a large scale image, a community work of art.  So while you get to create your own individual piece of art, your family will also be a part of something bigger.  

Hanoch Piven is known for fun and playful art using common found objects.  The illustrator has appeared in magazines such as Newsweek, Time, and Rolling Stone.  Hanoch Piven has been conducting workshops across the globe since 2003 and the JCC is excited that his is making a stop in Milwaukee.

Our Community Wide Hanukkah events have had a community art component each of the last two years.  In 2012, artist Benno Rothschild worked with families to create his own version of Noah’s Ark.  The six foot ark lives in the vestibule of the Marcus Entrance.  My five year old son likes to stop and point out the whale he created as we leave the building.  Just a few weeks ago, we partnered with Jazale’s Art Studio to create a ‘Tree of Life’.  Children and adults decorated their own individual leaves, which were then added to the tree. 

We’re very excited about the February 9th event - CLICK HERE to check out Hanoch Piven’s website and you’ll see why.  To welcome an artist of this caliber, and to listen, learn and work with him is a unique opportunity.  I’m looking forward to making a piece of art with my children that will be displayed proudly in our home.  I’m equally looking forward to having both of my boys point out their contributions in the JCC’s newest piece of community art.

This program is co-sponsored by the Israel Center, a program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation.