Meet Team Milwaukee - Josh

April 7, 2014

When you walk into the JCC’s Marcus Pavilion Entrance, you immediately know that our Milwaukee community is getting ready to host the 2015 JCC Maccabi Games.  But before our city can welcome thousands of young Jewish athletes, coaches, and volunteers, we are currently gearing up and getting ready for the 2014 JCC Maccabi Games in Boca Raton, FL.

Milwaukee’s delegation will be a force, and we want you to get to know our JCC Maccabi Games delegation. We asked our teen athletes a few questions so you can get to know them better. 

Meet Josh!

Q:  What is your name and age? 

A: Josh and I am 13 years old.


Q: How did you hear about the JCC Maccabi Games?

A: I was a part of Team Milwaukee last summer at the Austin, TX JCC Maccabi Games. 


Q: How many summers have you been a JCC Maccabi Games athlete?

A: I went last year, so this summer will be my second.


Q: What sport will you play this summer at the Games?

A: Basketball.  Lots and lots of basketball!


Q:  What are you looking forward to most about this summer’s JCC Maccabi Games in Boca Raton, FL? 

A: The people, but more specifically the team that I will be traveling with as well as the people I will meet while at the Games. 


Q: How did your experience last summer influence your Jewish journey or identity?

A: Being at the Games made me realize how many Jews there are in the world.


Q: What is your favorite sport/athletic themed movie and why?

A: Hoosiers because its basketball and a underdog story.


Q: What is your favorite motivational quote?

A: “Put the ball in that basket and don’t let the other team put the ball in the other basket.”

There is still time to be a part of the Milwaukee delegation this summer! Go to click here for registration information or contact Aaron Miller at 414-967-8330 or with questions.