Your 2014 JCC Officers and Board Slate

May 28, 2014

Please join us for the 2014 JCC Annual Meeting, on Monday, June 9.  The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for our community to come together to celebrate success, look to the future, and honor the many people who have blessed the JCC with their investment of time and talent.

The JCC will also vote on the following slate of board officers and members:

JCC Board Officer Nominations

  • Alicia Sadoff, Chair
  • Nancy Kennedy Barnett, Vice Chair
  • Greg Dorf, Vice Chair
  • Barbara Glazer, Vice Chair
  • Jamie Miller, Vice Chair
  • Laura Peck, Vice Chair
  • Ken Stein, Vice Chair
  • Ryan O’Desky, Secretary/Treasurer

Nominated for a 1st two year term

  • Steven Arenzon
  • Stephanie Dykeman
  • Dr. David Goldberg
  • Howard Siegal

 Nominated for a 2nd two year term

      • Brent Arnold
      • Betty Chrustowski
      • Josephine Gee
      • Dr. David Margolis

 Nominated for a 3rd two year term

      • William Bodner
      • Steven Emold
      • Larry Feldmesser
      • Joseph Kasle
      • George Meyer
      • Ken Stein
      • Paul Wierzba