Making Summer Memories

July 6, 2014

By Michelle Hoffman, Member Services Manager

Do you remember your summers as a kid?  What I remember is when I was about nine years old the first thing I would do during the summer break was pull on my swimming suit, quickly eat my breakfast, and head to the outdoor pool in our neighborhood.  My friends met me there, and we would spend the day showing off for each other walking on our hands under water pretending we could actually do it this well on land, seeing who could bounce the highest off the diving board, and having races swimming laps.  I remember the giddy feeling of passing the test to get to hang in the deep end of the pool, and the dark blue water beneath me as I floated was thrilling and calming at the same time.  Then we would lay our towels out on the hot cement and talk about life, or boys, or nothing at all.  I also remember wrapping up in a towel and toddling off barefoot with my girlfriends to the snack shop for an ice cream sandwich, and the paper would stick to my wet hands as I peeled it back to enjoy the frozen treat.   

I have had a lot of those childhood memories come back to me while spending time at our JCC Water Park with my children.  The sound of the water fountains, the smell of the clean air and sunscreen, and most of all, the sight of family and friends hanging out, enjoying time together in the sunshine, having lunch, and catching up on a relaxing summer afternoon.  Summertime goes so fast for us here in Wisconsin, and sometimes has a hard time really getting started!  I hope you will take the time to join us at the Hy & Richard Smith JCC Water Park, your water park, and slow down for a just a little bit. Be in the moment, take a few turns around the lap lane, have a bite to eat, and laugh at how goofy your kids look making their way across the Lily Pad with prideful enthusiasm. 

Bring someone along with you that you haven’t had time to catch up with, or your visiting family from out of town.  It’s the perfect place to relax together, play sand-volleyball, and learn how to play gaga, no matter what age.  And go on, jump off the diving board, you can still do it.  Or scale the climbing wall and ring the bell. You get an ice cream treat if you do!  Peel back the paper with your wet fingers, and remember how good it feels to be in the moment and nine again.

Race you to the other end, GO!

Click here for more information about the JCC Water Park.