WHY Wednesdays - Tzedakah Days

July 16, 2014

WHY Tzedakah Days?

To teach our children how to be a “mensch” (a good person).

The Hebrew word Tzedakah means “justice”.  Others translate Tzedakah to mean charity.  The definition of Tzedakah that we are using means doing our part to make the world a kinder, better, more gentle place; it means making sure that we treat others in a “just” way.

Over the past year, we taught our children the value of Tzedakah by participating in monthly Tzedakah projects and drives, benefitting local Milwaukee organizations. Our children and families  that are enrolled in our Gan Ami Early Childhood Program, Kids Center, and enrichment classes or just hanging out in the World-of-Wow all learned the important value of helping others and making this world a better place.

Through Tzedakah Days this past year, children at the Children’s Outing Association were able to stay warm this winter with the hats and mittens we collected for our mitten tree. Patients at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin received new toys to play with. The Volunteer Center gave out gifts to children and families who did not have funds this year for a holiday gift. Ronald McDonald House is staying clean with the wipes and paper towels we donated.  Fewer families are hungry because of all of the food items we donated to the Jewish Community Pantry.  Through the Milwaukee Community Passover Food Drive, families in our own Jewish Community were able to celebrate Passover with essential Passover Food items. Lastly, children who participate in the HIPPY program at COA are reading more because of all of the books that were donated.

Our families are making a difference in Milwaukee.

We are continuing our Tzedakah efforts this summer with WEEKLY Tzedakah projects. Click here to see all of our upcoming Tzedakah opportunities.