WHY Wednesdays - Art & Culture

July 30, 2014

WHY Art & Culture?

To show the beauty in life.

At the 2013 JCCA Professional Conference, Allan Finkelstein spoke about the important role JCC’s play in a person’s life. At the JCC we engage in Jewish life and serve as a connector to Jewish life, and have a unique opportunity to be a “public square” for convening important conversations – and build community in the process.  This past spring, when you walked - or even just looked - down the Surlow Promenade of the JCC, Richard Edelman’s beautiful sculptures provided our community just that kind of a talking point.  Our own Jody Hirsh explains that Jewish art is a powerful educational tool, and sees artists as prophets who challenge us to think. Watching the reaction of our visitors as they turn down the hall for the first time, or the faces of our Gan Ami children light up as they walk by, it is clear that we are inspiring Jewish Journeys with this exhibit.

If you walk down the Surlow Promenade today, you will see the third installment of the Milwaukee Jewish Artists Laboratory – Let There be Light.  For a year, the artists of the Milwaukee Jewish Artists Laboratory have been exploring “light” – Light in Jewish tradition, light as a metaphor, and light in each of our lives.  The exploration and deliberation is the focus of this year’s exhibit.

This coming year, our JCC is offering a unique Israel experience – ISRAEL: The Arts Tour. This tour will give participants the opportunity to see and experience Israel like never before. On this ten day once in a lifetime trip, participants will be immersed in a tour of Israel focus on unique arts experiences.  Together participants will visit artist studios, engage in private discussions with authors and musicians., and attend a V.I.P. reception at the Israel Museum.  Participants will attend the top concerts and theater performances and discover the best culinary delights Israel has to off at out-of the-way new restaurants that are receiving rave reviews from Israeli foodies. Click here to learn more about this upcoming program in Israel. Original tour dates of October 26 - November 5, 2014 are being rescheduled