WHY Wednesdays - JFIT

August 27, 2014

By Amy Jahner, Personal Trainer

The JCC is excited to be celebrating the one year anniversary of JFIT, our Functional Interval Training program.  While JFIT started as a small group personal training class, it has become a community of supportive, hardworking people who truly care about one another.  Over the past year, JFIT has had 26 completely different workout routines and held 612 classes with immeasurable calories burned.

A driving force behind the success of this class is the commitment of its participants.  Loni Hagerup, a regular participant, keeps coming back because “JFIT is the perfect combination of personal training and group exercise.”  The classes are “not too small, not too big."  By design, JFIT makes efficient use of time and requires an intense amount of concentration, both mental and physical, as participants work through a circuit of minute-long intervals.  There is no day-dreaming in JFIT!  However, JFIT is also the ideal format to adjust to all fitness levels.  On those days when the aches and pains are a little raw, it is easy to dial down the intensity and the instructors are always willing to help with any modifications.  Conversely, JFIT can be "amped" up for anyone desiring a bigger challenge on any given day.  Because JFIT’s circuit changes every two weeks, it provides an opportunity to push hard as participants become familiar with the workout near the end of the two week cycle.  It's fun for participants to challenge themselves to new, personal bests by one-upping speed or number of reps achieved within the same workout done earlier in the week.  The variations every two weeks also keep the workouts fresh.  You have to be focused mentally, which is a component often lost in the day-to-day routine of exercising.”

There is always an aspect of JFIT that each participant calls their favorite.  For Jessie Leiberman, it is the variety in exercise that JFIT offers.  “I enjoy that the circuit changes every two weeks.  This way you are not working the same muscles each time.  I look forward to attending JFIT on Monday to find out what is in the next circuit!”  A benefit of exercising with a devoted group of people is the bond that develops with fellow participants, and also with trainers.  “I have also formed great friendships through JFIT,” Jessie  said.  “It is a very comfortable environment where people are focused on motivating each other to do well.  I have even participated in other JCC activities, such as the October IRON MAN, with people I have met through JFIT.  Finally, I enjoy the different perspectives of the trainers.  They are always willing to give feedback or suggestions so you get the most out of your workout.”

Trying new things can be scary, so what would Sarah Cohen say to someone who was thinking about trying JFIT?  “COME JOIN US!  You will love the small group atmosphere and how the participants encourage and help each other to have the best workout they can achieve!  The participants always welcome new members, and JFIT is a fun and friendly class.  I look forward to seeing my JFIT friends each week and to discover how the ever-changing circuits are going to challenge me physically.”

From a trainer’s point of view, I am so proud of the participants of JFIT for always giving the workouts their best effort.  They have grown and accomplished new things each and every workout.  Watching and helping someone do an exercise at a higher level than they ever have before is the best feeling, and is made better only by the look on their face when they realize their accomplishment.  We look forward to the next year of this exciting program.

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