Teva Yoga


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Questions about Meditation with Michael, contact Katie Nickel at 414-967-8269

YOGA at TEVA is an oasis for students to find peace, create inner strength and explore the diversity of our yoga practice. From beginning to experienced yogis– you will discover a Teva Yoga class to broaden your yoga journey. Every student will be challenged and rewarded with amazing results that benefit the body and mind.Our hope at TEVA Yoga is to create an environment of: kindness, honesty, warmth, respect & acceptance for each guest who enters our space whether to practice, teach or visit.Come join the TEVA Yoga community  –where we, as health-minded people, create precious time for ourselves and others to grow. All of our Yoga classes can be found in the Group Fitness schedule - Click here.  (This schedule begins August 31)

We look forward to seeing you in class soon! For more information about Teva Yoga, please contact Katie Nickel at 414-967-8269 or Dawn Cimperman

Teva Yoga also offers speciality services.  Click here for our Teva Yoga Service Menu which includes information about corporate yoga classes, private yoga training and more! 

Teva Wellness at the JCC aims to promote good health through a holistic approach, encompassing the mind, body and spirit. Teva (pronounced Tey-vah) directly translated means “nature” in Hebrew. But the word Teva has come to signify nature as it relates to God. According to Judaism, the greater a person’s understanding of nature, the greater their potential to understand God. 

Teva Wellness at the JCC offers 3 portals to maximize your overall wellness:

Teva Spa
Teva Yoga
Teva Pilates