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The JCC is committed to equal opportunity for employment or advancement to all qualified applicants and employees. All persons having the authority to hire, discharge, transfer or promote personnel shall support, without reservation, a non-discriminatory policy of hiring or transferring to any vacancy, any qualified applicant without regard to race, color, religion, handicap, disability, creed, ancestry, nation origin, age, sex, and other protected characteristics in accordance with state and federal law.

Our current opportunities include:
Building Services
Gan Ami Early Childhood Education Teacher – Whitefish Bay Campus
Gan Ami Early Childhood Education Teacher – Mequon Campus
Before & After School Teacher
Locker Suite Attendant
Personal Trainer
Pilates Mat Instructor
Sports Coach
Swim Instructor
Zumba Instructor

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Fitness & Recreation

From group fitness to aquatics to Pilates and to cycling and more.

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Education & Families

Early childhood education, after school care, and beyond.

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