Board of Directors

Bru’chim Haba’im!

Thank you for visiting the Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center.  Whether you are an active member or first-time guest, a seasoned Gan Ami parent or a new 5:00 am workout warrior – the JCC is your community center, here online and at any of our locations that your family visits.  However you choose to use the JCC, and in all the ways that the JCC fits into your life, we’ll work hard to ensure that you know you belong here.  Please spend some time exploring our website, which is full of information on the many programs, classes, and events we offer in service to our community; there’s no easier way to register for a JCC class than right here.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or other thoughts – we’d love to hear them.  Our website exists to meet the needs of our members and serve as a center for community gathering, so please share your comments by clicking “Ask” on the right side of this screen. 

We appreciate your continued support of the JCC and our mission, and look forward to your next visit.





James Miller                                   Mark Shapiro
Chair of the Board                          President & Chief Executive Officer



Board of Directors 2016-2017


James Miller, Chair of the Board

Nancy Kennedy Barnett, Vice Chair

William Bodner, Vice Chair

Joseph Kasle, Vice Chair

Laura Peck, Vice Chair

Sheryl Rubin, Vice Chair

Ken Stein, Vice Chair

Ryan O'Desky, Secretary/Treasurer


Steven Arenzon                 Josephine Gee                     Dr. Steven Moffic
Brent Arnold               Dr. David Goldberg                   Ronna Bromberg Pachefsky
Mark E. Brickman               Jodi Habush Sinykin                   Howard Siegal
Betty Chrustowski               Jordan Herbert                   Robert Smith
David Cohn
              Reenie Kavalar                   David Wasserman
Brad Dallet               Tami Kent                   Dr. Bruce Weiss
Stephanie Dykeman               Andrew Komisar                   Scott Yauck
Michele Ellner               Dr. David Margolis