Construction Updates

Construction Updates

The Jewish value of hachnasat orchim (hospitality to guests) is a vital part of the work we do every day here at your JCC. As a destination for inclusive community wellness, education, and social services, our main campus in Whitefish Bay welcomes hundreds of people through its doors each day to participate in the life of our community and the programs that we offer.

In partnership with FEMA and the State of Wisconsin, we are making an investment in our entrances that will put at the forefront our dedication to exceptional customer service – every day, for every member, and every guest – and our commitment to the safety of the community we serve.

The project includes transitioning our controlled access experience from the outside doors at both the Peck (north) and Marcus (west) entrances to new swing-glass turnstiles adjacent to the customer service desks as well as repositioning the West Desk at the Marcus entrance to face the outside doors, similar to the current configuration at the Peck Desk. This improvement will allow our staff to greet everyone as they enter and offer a consistent welcome experience at both entrances.

Updated Details (as of June 13, 2019)

  • Tuesday, June 18 – We will reopen the newly remodeled West Desk and members at both the Marcus & Peck entrances will begin using the swing-glass turnstiles. On this date, all JCC entrances – West, Peck, Gan Ami Whitefish Bay, Gan Ami Mequon, and the JCC Water Park – will begin accepting the new proximity access fobs instead of the bar code fobs currently in use.
  • New Access Fobs – If you or any member of your family has not already received your new access fob, please visit the customer service desk (adjacent to Main Street) during the hours of 8AM-6PM Mon-Fri or the Peck Desk during all open hours. All members must have a photo on file or take a new photo in order to receive their fobs. Contact Membership Director, Jamie Seitz with any questions.
  • Guest Access – As we launch this new experience, we will continue to ask all visitors to sign-in and show photo ID before entering our facilities. As a component of this project, we have been working to update our guest check-in technology and have identified a new tablet-based solution which will be launching a little later this summer. This update will be a continuation of our commitment to ensuring appropriate and consistent guest management policies.
  • Still to Come – You may continue to see some updates happening at both the West & Peck Desks after the West Desk reopens as we complete the project. Much of this will be happening after hours and should not affect daily operations.

We’re looking forward to opening our the Marcus (West) Entrance and introducing our community to an improved JCC entrance experience that delivers exceptional customer service, full of our unique spirit, with the use of modern resources.