Youth Program Team Activities

Youth Program Team Activities

The JCC Youth Program staff are thinking of each and every one of our JCC families right now. We are here to celebrate those moments when you actually get some work done while your kids are at home. We are here to celebrate those moments when your kids play nicely together. We are here to take deep breaths with you while you referee your kids, as they navigate how to play well with each other. We shed tears of sadness with you when you try to explain to your child that they cannot play with their friends or go to a park. We shed tears of happiness with you when your child smiles because you get to stay home with them for another day. Our hearts rejoice and break at each of these moments and know we are here with you and for you.

Did you know that we don’t need a building to be together?  Have you found us on Facebook?  We are posting some amazing content to help keep everyone in your family connected to our JCC. Be sure to join the JCC Education, Camps & Families Community Facebook Group.

For other kid friendly ideas: below are some of our staff favorites:

Our Hourly Childcare Coordinator, Laura Slatky-Verkuilen, suggests you have a silly fashion show.

  • Go into your closet, or another family member’s closet (with permission of course).
  • Find some fun clothes to try on
  • Create your favorite outfit
  • Walk the runway/hallway/living room to show off your new outfit.
  • Repeat as many times as you want 😊

Our Youth Program Coordinator, Shea Beilke, picked the fun activity of going on a Scavenger Hunt – you can do this inside or outside.

  • Create a checklist (find a bird, pick up a piece of trash, find a penny, find a squirrel, find a stuffed animal…etc) with your child(ren) – if they are old enough to do this on their own, let them create the list.
  • Go on a walk outside and cross off, or check off the items on your list as you spot them.
  • This can also be done by walking through your house, looking out the windows, and in different areas you might find any household items.

Our Director of Youth Programs, Ronna Ruffin, likes to travel to San Diego and check out the animals at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Watch their Live Cam online and you can “visit” the animals, too!

Today and the rest of this week, let’s see life through the eyes of our children with wonder and amazement at even the littlest things.