Commit To Take Care of YOU

Commit To Take Care of YOU

Our lives are filled with commitments. Family, work, volunteering, friends – some days it seems that the to-do list never ends. But when is the last time you put yourself on that list? This winter is the time to make a spot on your checklist for your own health and well-being, and the JCC can help!

The JCC’s Commit To Be Fit is a 12 week program that combines in-person small group training with tips and support to help you take control over your own nutrition and fitness routine. Some may remember a JCC program called The Big Meltdown which mimicked NBC’s The Biggest Loser weight loss challenge. Commit To Be Fit is the new and improved version of that program and has been running successfully for the past year. While the focus of The Big Meltdown was mostly weight loss, Commit To Be Fit expands upon that and offers participants a path to improving their health well past the end of the 12 weeks. The goals of the program are to implement a healthy lifestyle and improve biometric numbers like weight, cholesterol level, and blood pressure.

Even though the focus has changed, there is still an element of competition among the participants. At the end of the program, there are opportunities to win prizes like an iPad, personal training packages, WIRED heart rate tracking devices, and more. In addition, during the 12 week program, participants can purchase discounted personal training sessions and earn points to be used on JCC fitness products and programs.

When you join the program you also get your own personal cheerleaders. Fitness Director Katie Nickel’s motivational style combines her experiences as a former collegiate cheerleader with her work as a personal trainer to inspire her clients to reach their goals. She sends out weekly emails to all Commit To Be Fit participants, no matter which trainer is leading their small group work. Katie encourages the group to celebrate even the smallest of successes and offers positive energy to carry them through each week.

This excerpt from one of Katie’s emails is just one example of how she asks participants to rethink the value of their own health through weekly homework assignments:
This week I want you to write out your top 5 priorities and why they are important to you. Don’t just ask yourself why once – ask it 5 times for each priority.

Ex: Priority – Fitness

  • Why? Because I want to stay healthy
  • Why? Because I don’t want to be sick
  • Why? Because I want to be there for my family
  • Why? Because I want to be a good role model for my kids
  • Why? Because I want to be independent and moving at 100!

This exercise will take 5-15 minutes, but will lay the foundation for your activity next week. Side note: Once you’ve listed your top five priorities, did you list yourself? We hear it on every flight; attach your mask first, before helping others. What good are you to others if you are not at your best? The world needs the best version of you to succeed!
The emails also come with meal planning tips and pocket guides that provide nutritional guidance. A certified nutritionist is connected to the program and offers support throughout the challenge. Also on the team are JCC personal trainers who lead the weekly small group training sessions.

Many previous participants have found that they started by working towards a weight loss goal and were able to turn it into a new way of life – many forging new friendships with fellow participants that came as an added benefit. The feedback from a recent group raved about their experiences.

“Commit to be Fit combined great nutrition information with fast-paced group training classes in a supportive environment. The program works! I have lost 15 pounds, and I feel great!”
“This has been a life changing program that has seen me lose weight, reshape my body, make new friends and have fun!!”

Even if you never thought you would be a “gym person,” Commit To Be Fit could be just the push you have been hoping to find. For more details on how you can join the next co-hort, flip the page and check out the class listing with dates and times. Still not sure if this is for you? Contact Katie at 414-967-8269 or to ask questions and learn more.