Restorative Stretch

Restorative Stretch

Are you looking for a functional recovery day in order to perform more effectively at your next workout or to keep up with your daily activities? Try Restorative Stretch!

JCC Personal Training now offers Restorative Stretch sessions that focus on functional recovery. Benefits include improved flexibility, improved range of motion, and decreased risk of injury associated with physical activity. Restorative Stretch has the ability to reduce soreness and speed up recovery by allowing a greater supply of nutrients to the muscle.

Clients can expect an array of exercises including:
• Hyperice massage
• Assisted stretching
• Foam rolling
• Restorative movements
• Relaxation techniques

Introductory Rate
3 for $99 for 60 minute sessions
3 for $66 for 30 minute sessions
Standard Rates:
See PT Menu for 30 & 60 min. multi-session discount rates
60 minute session – Personal Trainer $55 / Senior Trainer $60 / Master Trainer $65
30 minute session – Personal Trainer $30 / Senior Trainer $33 / Master Trainer $36
15 minute sessions are also available as an add-on to any existing personal training regimen – Personal Trainer $16 / Senior Trainer $18 / Master Trainer $20

To book an appointment and begin your recovery, ask your trainer or contact Katie Nickel, Fitness Director | | 414-967-8269

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