Spaces & Places: June 1 Details

Spaces & Places: June 1 Details

JCC Families,

As we approach the first set of programs returning to JCC Spaces and Places – specifically, our fitness & aquatics services in Whitefish Bay – we wanted to provide some clarity on our operations and service to you. First, we’d like to offer some insight into how we’re approaching this transition. If you’d prefer to skip right to the nuts and bolts of our buildings’ opening, see below. (We know it’s a long message – our inboxes are overflowing, as well – but there’s a lot of important and timely information to share).

Every day you choose the JCC as a partner in your wellness, education, and social journey.  In ways large and small, you are our most powerful ally in our vision for partnering to build a healthier Milwaukee. That will be especially true as we return to our spaces and as we complement our ‘Beyond A Building’ efforts with our physical places.

We want to be very transparent: we are deeply committed to physical distancing, even as we come back to our facilities. We believe the risks of COVID-19 remain real and relevant – particularly for at-risk communities, many of whom we serve every day. We are focused on providing physical spaces that are safe for everyone, every time you engage with your JCC.

We know there are different interpretations on how to respond to this community pandemic; we respect diversity of thought as much as we respect the diversity of our community. When we have to make a choice – in our operations, in our programs, and in our service to you – we will always, always default to making the safest choice, even if it’s not the quickest or most convenient.

To accomplish this safe return, we’ll depend on your continued partnership, ask for your patience, and thrive with your support. One of the core pillars of our brand is flexibility – and we’ll need to practice that behavior like never before. We’ll learn, we’ll make adjustments, and we’ll continue to communicate. Above all, we’ll give ourselves permission to embrace change and look at it as a strength, not an obstacle.

Thank you for continuing this journey with us, for joining us in this commitment to community health, and for empowering us to try this new way of serving you in this new world we’re building together.

Hours, Entrance, and Parking

  • The fitness and aquatics facilities (Whitefish Bay) will be open beginning June 1st for active JCC members (age 14+) Monday – Friday, 5:00 am – 7:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • All facilities will close each day at 1:00 pm for a scheduled cleaning. We will resume operations at 2:00 pm.
  • All members intending to use the fitness or aquatics facilities must enter at the Peck (North) entrance wearing a face covering. There will be no member access at the Marcus (West) entrance. Overflow parking in the west lot will be available.
  • Before entering JCC spaces, members will be asked to take a thermal temperature screening, administered by JCC staff. Any temperature reading over 100.4 degrees will prohibit access to any JCC building or program.
  • Members will be asked to review the JCC’s Facility Entrance Policy and will be expected to adhere to at least six feet of physical distancing at all times while in the facility.

Usage, Capacity & Access Management

  • Capacity in the fitness facility will be limited to 25% of our overall capacity (as determined by the North Shore Fire Department.) As such, the fitness floor (including spaces now expanded into the Marcus Gym) will be limited to no more than 80 members at any time.
  • The JCC will not, at this time, be requiring registration to visit the JCC for self-directed exercise on the fitness floor.  Members are encouraged to call ahead for an estimate of current capacity.
  • If the JCC staff determines that the building is at – or near – capacity, incoming members will be asked to wait outside (pre-marked spaces will be available to ensure physical distancing) until such time appropriate building usage can be assured.
  • To ensure equitability, members will be asked to limit the duration of their visit to one hour.
  • The large pool of the Peck Aquatic Center will be available for registered lane swim/access. Lanes will be reserved for individual use in 50 minute, staggered increments (example:  appointments available 6:00-6:50, 6:10-7:00, 6:20-7:10, etc.) Reservations for lane access will be available by calling 414-964-4444. The small pool will remain closed at this time
  • The JCC will actively monitor building usage, equipment management, and member adherence to physical distancing – and reserves the right to suspend service at an individual or building-wide level.

Shared Expectations While at the JCC

  • To ensure physical distancing on the fitness floor, which has been extended to spaces within the Marcus Gym, all exercise and strength machines have been moved to ensure at least six feet of distance from the ‘seat’ of one machine to the ‘seat’ of the next. In almost all cases, the JCC has extended this distance to a minimum of eight feet.
  • Pre-determined walking paths have been established throughout the fitness floor to provide adequate spacing.
  • Members will not be required to wear face masks or PPE while engaged in fitness or aquatics activity; they will be asked to wear face protection when entering or leaving the facilities. JCC staff will be wearing face masks and PPE when engaged in member service and anywhere outside their personal, confined workspace.
  • Handheld equipment (weights, bands, etc.) will be stored already sanitized and available for member use. Upon completion of use, members will be asked to deposit used equipment in marked areas to remove them from service until sanitation is complete.
  • Cardio and strength machines will be cleaned between member use. Members are asked to fully wipe down any machine both before and after their personal use.
  • The JCC will actively monitor space usage and demonstration of physical distancing and practices. Members are asked to fully support and engage in these behaviors.

Available Services & Limited Programs

  • The fitness floor will be open, with physically spaced machines, specifically for self-directed member use. The Marcus Gym will be converted to provide additional space for cardio and strength equipment.
  • The walking/running track in the Marcus Gym will be available, subject to capacity limits.
  • Personal training and Pilates will return to their unique spaces over the coming week, scheduled directly with trainers as before. Indoor cycling and high intensity group training (BURN) will return at a later date.
  • Group fitness classes will return slowly to our physical spaces, no earlier than June 8th. Classes will be limited to 8 participants, per studio. See updates with current Group Exercise schedule.
  • As the Marcus Gym will be used for additional fitness purposes, there will be no open gym, scheduled recreation programs, or indoor league play.
  • A unique section of the fitness floor will be dedicated for our senior adult community.
  • The Family Gym will be open for active stretch, warm up, and recovery. Space will be limited and physical distancing expectations apply.
  • The general and health center locker rooms will remain closed until further notice. Registered aquatics users will have access to the family locker room; users are encouraged to bring their own lock (JCC provided locks will not be available for use) and personal items will not be allowed on the pool deck. See update on opening of locker rooms on July 1.
  • Shared swim equipment will not be available for members; individual swimmers may bring their own equipment for personal use during their scheduled lane time.
  • Members are encouraged to dress for exercise before arriving at the JCC.
  • Laundry and towel services have been temporarily suspended.
  • There will be no scheduled individual, small group, or aerobics-based aquatics programs or lessons at this time.
  • Hourly childcare will remain closed, as will the Guten Family Discovery Center (“The World of Wow”), and the Reading Room.
  • The West (Marcus) entrance will remain closed to member access; Ferrante’s at CAFA B DATA will maintain curbside pickup service, at their scheduling discretion, but will not offer in-person dining or seating.

Membership Status, Priority & Access

  • JCC members who chose to temporarily freeze their membership accounts will have their memberships automatically reactivated on July 1st, 2020. Any inactive/frozen member who wishes to visit the JCC in advance of that date should call 414-964-4444 to discuss available options with a JCC Membership Services team member.
  • Members will be asked to use their membership fob to both enter and exit the facility.  
  • Active JCC members will receive member-priority registration for all ongoing and future programming, including Youth Summer Programs in Whitefish Bay and/or Fredonia.
  • To ensure member access, no guest passes will be available or honored at this time.
  • Facility access will be limited to active members, ages 14 and up.

Still On The Horizon

  • The Hy & Richard Smith JCC Water Park will open July 6. See updated information.
  • Gan Ami Early Childhood Education families have received separate and unique communication regarding the scheduled openings of the Whitefish Bay and Mequon facilities on June 8th; please look for those detailed plans from the Gan Ami leadership team.
  • Youth Summer Programs will be available at Whitefish Bay (June 15-26), and in Fredonia (June 29-August 21.) Click here for more details on those programs – including registration, transportation, and program elements.Registration priority will be given to previously enrolled day camp families, previously enrolled Camp Interlaken JCC families, active JCC members, and community families with first responder or essential service responsibilities.

Watch Return to JCC Spaces & Places YouTube Playlist

All other JCC programs and services – from adult education to special needs & inclusion, arts & ideas experiences to family & adult enrichment programs – will continue to develop and grow through our “Beyond A Building” efforts. These programs are available at, live on our Facebook groups, in Zoom and YouTube channels, and via in-home programs.