Workout with Katie: 25-Minute Tabata

Workout with Katie: 25-Minute Tabata

25-Minute Tabata workout with Fitness Director, Katie Nickel 

This is a repetition based workout focused on completing as many sets as possible in 10 minutes. We will use quick bursts of exercise to help you reach your move goal for the day. Complete 2-4 sets of the exercises. 

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Ready to sweat? Watch the video below to follow along or print out the workout instructions to use at any time. From cross jacks to classic push-ups, this session of exercises is great for getting the heart pumping. Do not attempt any sort of exercise program without first consulting your doctor. 

Thanks, Katie!

We want you to be able to work out when it is best for you. Download Katie’s Workout PDF below.

Open Tabata Workout with Katie