Gan Ami: Kindergarten


Kindergarten: 4 year-olds

Building a Community of Learners

Gan Ami Kindergarten prepares children with the readiness and prerequisite skills necessary to have a successful elementary school experience and transition. Lead by certified teaching staff, the program’s primary aim is to enrich the children’s learning while simultaneously building their self-confidence in the academic environment. Relationship building is a key component of this year of development. Within the classroom, children work on conflict resolution, sharing, and sustained periods of learning and group work.  Academic learning cements early literacy concepts, such as rhyming and phonemic awareness, and is easily internalized through stories, poems, songs and games.  Children are exposed to the written word constantly and explore letters, words and language in a variety of experiences. Counting and the beginnings of number operations are part of each activity, which also ensures that the children understand that math is everywhere!


Each week, a variety of specialists come into the classrooms and create new experiences for the children. Wendy Cohen, our Jewish Music Specialist, works with the classrooms to explore music pertaining to upcoming holidays and celebrations and Jewish values. Each week, we all gather together for a musical Shabbat Sing.  Kindergarteners are excited to experience Gym class once a week as well. The Shin-Shins (Israeli Emissaries doing a year of service) serve as our Hebrew specialists in our 3 and 4 year old programs. They also interact with the rest of the school and the JCC to provide a wide variety of learning and growing opportunities for everyone. K4 students participate in experiential swim in the JCC Peck Aquatics Center once a week.

Half Day K4 in Whitefish Bay

Many North Shore school districts offer half day kindergarten for four-year olds. To serve working families, Gan Ami offers van transportation and programming for the other half of your child’s day. Children who are in our afternoon Kindergarten program are picked up from their public/private school using the JCC van service and brought to Gan Ami before lunch. A full day program is also available in Whitefish Bay


Gan Ami Early Childhood on the Karl Community Campus in Whitefish Bay

Gan Ami Early Childhood at the Linda & Fred Wein Family Center in Mequon