Campaign for Your J

How would you define Your J?

“This is the place where I find friendship.”

“This is the place where I discover opportunities.”

“This is the place where I build community.”


Last year, the staff and board members of the Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center discovered our collective resilience, adaptability, and innovative spirit. We learned that through hard work, abundant thinking, and trusting our decisions, we would reap positive rewards.

We also discovered what we already intuitively knew and expected: The unwavering support and generosity of our community—you—would sustain our work and our agency into the future.

Last year, our community invested in a Strong JCC. This year, let us show you what it looks like when we are strong together. The JCC is here for you to discover, or rediscover — a place where everyone can find personal moments of meaning.

Make an investment in Your JCC — because now, the moment is yours.


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Questions about the Campaign?

Contact Elyse Cohn, Chief Development Officer, at 414-967-8188.