Homework Helpers

Are you feeling overwhelmed every evening as your little one comes to you with a math problem that you might not quite understand yourself, or may not want to because you just finished your 8-hour day packed with Zoom calls, you cooked dinner, and you cleaned the house, all in one breath? Fear not, for the JCC Homework Helpers program is here!

If you are looking for a helping hand in your child’s homework for the remainder of their academic year, this is the opportunity for you. We have rounded up a number of eager staff to meet with your child virtually over Zoom once or twice a week for thirty minutes at a time to fulfill their homework needs and wants. Let us guide your kiddo through their grammar woes and help explain to them the meaning of pi (maybe, maybe not?). Let us do this for you.

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Questions? Contact Shea Beilke, Youth Programs Coordinator

Homework Helpers

  • Please share all of the days of week and times of day your child may be available.