As a part of the JCC’s commitment to the continual maintenance of facilities, the studios A & B will be closed until reopening on Saturday, September 23rd. 

Wednesday classes will be relocated to the following areas:

8:00am Fitness Fusion with Patty-Marcus Gym-west side

8:55am Butts n Guts with Patty-Marcus Gym-west side

9:30am Body Blast with Marcela- Marcus Gym-east side

9:30am Zumba with Shara- Community hall A 

Main Street & More

The JCC is home to so much: a world-class fitness facility, top-notch early education, and activities for families of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.  But, what about all those other things that don’t quite fit on a page in our quarterly program guide, yet mean so much to the JCC member experience and our service to the community?  You’ll find them here!

Walk the halls of our building (or any of our buildings!) - or take a stroll down Butlein deToro Way -  and you’ll soon discover the depth of service goes beyond our programs and classes.  CAFA B DATA is a destination for delicious, Kosher meals sure to appeal to everyone who visits.  Our community hall is ready for events of all kinds – weddings, corporate events, or expos to name a few.  Need a partner to take your child’s birthday party to the next level?  We can do that.  Are you a business looking to get your message in front of thousands of JCC members and program participants?  Consider the advertising options available at the JCC and through our publications.  There’s a full-service spa, hourly drop-in childcare, an open family play area, a library and resource center, meeting rooms – the list goes on!

This is our online “kitchen drawer” of offerings and services that enhance your visit and bring our community together.