Spaces & Places: CAFĀ B DATA

Spaces & Places: CAFĀ B DATA

As part of our commitment to serving the needs of the entire community, the JCC has long prioritized ensuring that the times that we gather over food are inclusive for all. With the recent reopening of CAFĀ B DATA by Hannah’s Kitchen, we are proud to affirm this commitment by bringing back onsite food service, under kosher supervision, in a space that has always been a favorite gathering spot for family and friends to enjoy a meal together.

Recognizing that policies were different when food service was not available onsite, and that the community we serve has a diverse set of needs, the following policies have returned to the spaces adjacent to the CAFĀ:

  • During the hours that Hannah’s Kitchen CAFĀ B DATA is open, no outside meals may be eaten at the tables in the CAFĀ seating area or along Butlein-DeToro Way (Main Street).

Current CAFĀ B DATA Hours:
Mon-Thu 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Fridays 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Closed Saturdays & Sundays

  • Small, packaged snack foods for children and families playing in the Guten Family Discovery Center (World of WOW), whether purchased from the vending machines or brought from home, are allowed at any time.
  • Paper placemats will be made available at Hannah’s Kitchen CAFĀ B DATA for customers who prefer to cover the tables before enjoying their meal. In addition, all dine-in meals are served on cafeteria trays.

Thank you for respecting the policies above and supporting this small business which is one of the few kosher restaurant options in Milwaukee. The Hannah’s Kitchen CAFĀ B DATA team is looking forward to continuing to expand their menu and serve our community.

Hannah’s Kitchen CAFĀ B DATA is under the supervision of Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin.