The Big Melt Down Really Works!

December 25, 2012

Check out this firsthand account of how the Big Melt Down has affected its participants.

I joined The Big Melt Down hoping to lose a few pounds.  I'm happy to say I've lost 15 pounds and I've exceeded my goal for the first half of the program. 

I have also gained.  I have gained a better understanding of what to eat and why I eat it.  With the guidance of Elaine, our nutritionist, I have begun a "diet" that has helped me to lose weight and not be hungry, while eating healthier foods.  I feel confident that this is a program that I will have no trouble keeping up with after the twelve weeks are over. 

I have  gained strength by working out with my trainer, Amy, twice a week.  I actually look forward to sweating and groaning under her watchful and instructive eye.  After each session I'm proud to say that although I've strenuously worked out, I feel great.

A Very Satisfied Big Melt Down Participant

The next round of the Big Melt Down Program is starting up again soon.  Click here to learn about the two different Big Melt Down Phases.