New! Teva Pilates Apprentice Program

February 5, 2013

By Lorraine Bradshaw, Teva Pilates & Yoga Director

A reputable Pilates Certification is a long and involved process involving one to two years of education, personal Pilates training, observation hours and student teaching.   During this time the student is called an Apprentice.  This lengthy time commitment lends itself to an Apprentice becoming a successful teacher. While observing a certified teacher for ours, the Apprentice gets to know how Pilates feels in their own bodies, train their eye and ear for cueing, identify incorrect movement patterns, learn how to format a class structure and understand how to pay attention to individual and group needs.   

Under my support and mentoring the JCC is fortunate to have 5 Apprentice teachers presently, all who have been in a Certification program for over a year.  The JCC Apprentice Program allows these teachers (who already are teachers in various other modalities such as Pilates, Yoga and dance) to continue to sharpen their knowledge of the Pilates equipment and repertoire.  It offers the opportunity for clients to try Pilates at a reduced rate in either a private or group setting.  It is a very exciting time for the JCC Pilates Studio as more mat classes are now being offered then ever before and more clients are walking in our doors weekly. 

For more information about Teva Pilates or the Apprentice Program contact me at 414-967-8209 or