Story Time Yoga Comes to the JCC

March 5, 2013

By Minda Devorkin RYT, CRYT, MSW

After several years of teaching to all ages, approximately two years ago I made my dream of teaching solely to children and teens come true. I currently teach yoga to a variety of youth in a multitude of settings, Story Time Yoga being one branch of my teachings.

My self-created Story Time Yoga program came into fruition when I wrote Beau The Bee my first published book and the main catalyst for Story Time Yoga. Beau was originally created for a class that I taught at a children’s yoga training. Beau is a creative expression of many loves and holds a positive playful outlook on life.  Once Beau was published and made his debut, a friend then referred Beau and myself to the Betty Brinn Museum for a summer program which then developed into Story Time Yoga. From there things grew and grew.  I realized I could select from many children’s books and like Beau, use them as a valuable tool to deliver my powerful message regarding the importance of introducing precious life tools at a very young age to enhance self-love and strong self-esteem.

For Story Time Yoga, I use favored children’s story books as the seed to grow children’s bodies and minds through yoga, a profoundly compassionate practice. I perceive my program as an authentic, delightful, fun, and an endlessly creative way to make yoga relatable to children.  My book choices must have a theme that paves the path to self-discovery, holds a positive message and a playground for fun and creativity. I use books that involve the senses, teach compassion, and explore relationships with others; whether it be insects, animals, imaginary or people “friends.”  Children learn self-calming tools through breath work, songs, and mudras (yoga for the fingers) while making new playful shapes with their bodies...whether it be an animal, triangle or flower...and much more.  I invite grown-ups to join their little yogis so that they can learn right alongside their loved ones.

Story Time Yoga introduces the many benefits of yoga in a “child-friendly way.”  When practiced regularly, yoga is known to bring a sense of balance, strength, stability, flexibility, enhanced concentration, serenity, clarity, augmented self-awareness, stress reduction, and prevention of sports related injuries.  Yoga also invites a sense of freedom from self-limitations and judgments. Yoga is an excellent practice for an entire family to love and share with one another.

My mission is to help young people navigate through life with a sense of grace, ease, strength and curiosity. 


Join Minda for Story Time Yoga on Mondays, April 8 – May 20 from 11:00-11:45 AM in the Teva Yoga Studio. Fee $84 / Member Value Fee $70 - for children ages 2 and 1/2 with an adult.

Also, check out the Spring Program Guide for more Yoga opportunities at the JCC.

Minda Devorkin, RYT, CRYT, MSW, is a specialized youth yoga teacher and local children’s author.  she holds a Master’s Degree in Medical Social Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and has always had a special place in her heart for children.