Ask the Camp Directors: Kids Center Camps

May 20, 2013

Have questions about camp?  Enjoy our weekly Ask the Camp Directors article that will feature questions and answers about our JCC Camps.  This week, learn more about our Kid Center Camps!

What are these Kids Center (KC) camps I keep hearing about?  I thought Kids Center was an after school program.  Kids Center camps offer a wide variety of super fun experiences for your child this summer.  KC camps are based at the JCC campus in Whitefish Bay where your child will get a taste of the best the JCC and Milwaukee have to offer in summer fun.  From field trips to local attractions like the Milwaukee County Zoo, Terry Andrae State Park and the JCC Water Park, to trips up to Rainbow Day Camp, swim lessons, cooking and arts & crafts, KC camps have it all.

Campers will build new friendships, explore their creative sides, and in the spirit of Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam will have an opportunity to give back to their community throughout the summer.  Your kids will be on the move as everyday of KC camp is different than the day before. 

My children go to summer school in the morning.  Is there anything fun for them to do at the JCC in the afternoons?   Camp Shemesh is the camp for you. Camp Shemesh specializes in meeting the needs of families who have children in morning summer school programs. Camp Shemesh provides transportation from Maple Dale and Glen Hills Middle School to the JCC so your child can have an entire day of fun.  Your child will spend Monday and Tuesday afternoon at the JCC Whitefish Bay campus enjoying swimming lessons, art projects, cooking and outdoor games.  On Wednesdays, campers spend the afternoon at the JCC Water Park.  On Thursdays, campers get an awesome afternoon at Rainbow Day Camp in Fredonia.  Friday field trips offer fun at local parks.  Whether you child spends their morning at summer school, at home, or at another camp, Camp Shemesh is your answer for afternoon fun.

My preschooler has never been to camp before.  How can he see what camp is all about?  New this summer; introduce your child to all the amazing camp experiences the JCC has to offer! For preschoolers and their caregivers, whether it’s mom and dad, grandparents, or a nanny, Parent/Child Camp is perfect for you. Monday and Wednesday we will take a bus as a group out to Rainbow Day Camp (RDC) in Fredonia.  Tuesday and Thursday you will spend the morning at the JCC playing games in the pool, sports with Coach Aaron, art projects and cooking.  If you are looking to get a taste of all that JCC camping has to offer, this is a perfect opportunity.  Parent/Child camp is the perfect introduction to KC camps, sports camps and RDC.

Most camps end in the middle of August but my children don’t go back to school until after Labor Day.  What will they do?  Kids Center Variety Camps are an awesome way for your children to complete their summer.  At these full day, week long camps your children will get to spend the last few weeks of the summer with their JCC friends and their favorite counselors from the JCC and Rainbow Day Camp.  Each week of Variety Camp is different than the week before.  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we will go on field trips to places like Fox Brook Park, Boerners Botanical Garden and Possibility Playground.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, campers will spend the day at the JCC enjoying swimming, sports, cooking, art projects and more. 

After Camp Interlaken JCC and Rainbow Day Camp are over, what fun activities are there for my middle schooler?  Teen Travel Camp is an amazing way for your child to reconnect with their JCC camp friends by spending the week on daily fun field trips all over town.  On the first day, campers help chose some of the field trips.  Popular choices have been miniature golfing, laser tag, Cool Waters and canoeing at the Urban Ecology Center.  Teen Travel is for 6th-8th graders only and runs the week of August 19-23.  Bring a friend!

Registration for all the Kids Center Camps is open and there is still room in every camp.  Click here for Kid Center Camp registrations forms.  Please get them in soon.  We’re looking forward to spending the summer with old friends and new!

Have more questions?  Contact Shoshanah Bruesewitz at 414-967-8218 or Sarah Ruiz at 414-967-8185 for more information about Kid Center Camps!