I am a JCC Maccabi Games Athlete.

November 5, 2013

By Brianna Key, JCC Maccabi Games 2013 Milwaukee Delegation Athlete

I am a JCC Maccabi Games Athlete.

This summer I went to Austin, Texas with the JCC Maccabi Games Milwaukee Delegation. Not only was it one of the best Jewish experiences I have ever had, but it was also one the best experiences I have had!

When I first heard about the JCC Maccabi Games, I was sold on the fun parts: the sports games, opening ceremonies and the dance parties.  When I first signed up, those were the main reasons why I wanted to go. Looking back on my experience though, the JCC Maccabi Games became so much more. The JCC Maccabi Games are meant to be a place for Jewish teens to meet other Jewish teens, but in a fun and Jewish-related way. To me that was really exciting; I had never done anything like it before.

I attend Brown Deer High School, where there are only three or four Jewish teens.  I do not get to meet many Jewish teens besides the eight that are in my Sunday school class. While traveling and preparing for the JCC Maccabi Games, I made a bunch of Jewish friends from all around the Milwaukee area that I am still very close to.  In fact, I ended up going to a volleyball camp with one of them after the games.  I also got to meet Jewish teens from across the country and around the world. I now have a friend in Israel who I still talk to on a regular basis. How many kids can actually say that?  So while the sports games, opening ceremonies and dance parties were fun, the main reason why I loved my time at the JCC Maccabi Games was because I got to meet Jewish teens from all over the city, country and the world!

This summer I also learned so many things about myself, and I honestly think that the JCC Maccabi Games changed my life for the better. Not only did I become a better athlete, but I also became a better Jewish young adult.

I strongly believe that every Jewish teenager should go to the JCC Maccabi Games because it gives a positive Jewish experience to someone who may not have had that opportunity… like me.  The JCC Maccabi Games were such a great experience, and I definitely cannot wait until I go to Boca Raton, Florida next summer and also when it comes here to Milwaukee in August 2015!

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