The Global Day of Jewish Learning

November 8, 2014

There has always been a variety and diversity of rich educational programs happening throughout our Milwaukee Jewish Community, and for the last several years our community has produced a very successful “Day of Discovery”. But this year we, the JCC and the Coalition for Jewish Learning, the education department of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation with support from the Wisconsin Council of Rabbis, are trying something new. We are going global!

Replacing Milwaukee’s “Day of Discovery” this year will be the “Global Day of Jewish Learning”.  On Sunday, November 16 , our Milwaukee community will be one of 400 communities from over 40 different countries all sharing a day of Jewish learning, dialogue and exploration around one topic.  This year’s topic is “Heroes, Villains, Saints and Fools: The People of the Book.”

The first two hours will showcase two live interactive broadcasts. The first broadcast will be with Dr. Ruth Calderon, Member of Knesset, leading figure in reviving Hebrew Culture and a pluralistic Israeli – Jewish identity.  Directly following Dr. Calderon’s broadcast Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, world renowned scholar, hailed by Time Magazine as a “once-in-a-millennium scholar” will deliver his broadcast.

The remaining hours of the event will offer several learning sessions led by local and Midwest Jewish educators; Sherry Blumberg, Ph.D., Jody Hirsh, Rabbi Wes Kalmar, Jerry Kaye, and Marc Tasman. While there is a curriculum that every community can follow, our speakers are going to create their own topics based off of the theme. Click here to view the different topics each will talk about.

Join the Milwaukee Jewish Community this Sunday at 1:00 PM at the JCC for this new, exciting, and free educational opportunity or go to for more information.