Jewish Film Festival Endowment Established

March 31, 2015

Bob Seinfeld originally funded the Sylvia and Robert Seinfeld Computer Lab Endowment Fund when his first wife Sylvia, of blessed memory, passed away. The intent was to educate the young and old into the then new technology of personal computers. After a time when all ages became more proficient in the use of computers due, in part, to simplified and accessible programming, it became clear that the computer lab had served its purpose and there was no longer the need. Bob decided to add to his legacy of support in a new area and shifted the focus of the endowment to supporting the annual Jewish Film Festival. Jewish-themed films have always been a major source of entertainment and history of the Jewish population. Micki and Bob Seinfeld have now been married for over 15 years. Micki was honored by Bob's new support of the Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival, a program she has directed since its inception.

Avid arts lovers, Micki and Bob have season tickets to many theater groups. Their love of the Festival and how it brings our community together made it a natural choice. Bob changed the focus of his investment to an area of great cultural importance to the Milwaukee community, the Jewish Film Festival.

Every fall, the JCC proudly presents a multi-day festival celebrating the finest Jewish films and filmmaking. For over 18 years, the Jewish Film Festival has been an audience favorite, featuring a wide variety of international films, subjects, and themes speaking to the Jewish traditions and relevant to modern day experiences.

To learn more about the Sylvia and Robert Seinfeld Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival JCC Endowment Fund, or discuss ways in which your family’s favorite JCC program can be fortified for generations to come, contact JCC Chief Development Officer Harriet Rothman at 414-967-8239.