Importance of Memory at Passover Part 3

April 9, 2015

Why is memory important at Passover time?

Rabbi Shari - Reading Jody's description of burying himself in the fur coats on the bed in the spare room absolutely reminded me of doing the same.  I can imagine the huge stack of coats on the bed and running our hands up and down the fur.  How wonderful to share such a similar memory.

The creation of memories is a catalyst for me to want to make my family's celebration of Passover even more special.  I want my children to remember what it was like to go forth to freedom, just as I did.  I also want them to remember the food we serve, the time we spend together preparing it, the friends that we invite over, the plagues that fly across the table and the places where I hide the Afikoman year after year.  I also hope they preserve the new traditions that have been added to my parent's seder, such as having two kinds of charoset in honor of their dad's Sephardic ancestry.  Memory at Passover connects me to my past, celebrates my present and preserves a legacy for my future.

Jody - of all our holidays, Passover is the one that most emphasizes memories. The Torah commands us to tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Our telling and retelling of this central story of our history, culture, and personal lives is rich with memory. Without memory, our life as Jews would be meaningless.

We both wish you and your families a Zissen Pesach, a Happy Passover filled with good food and great memories!

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