Membership Investment Spring 2015

May 17, 2015

To Our Family of Members,

Last year's introduction of the new JCC brand was an exciting evolution that allowed us to better define who we are, how we serve, and what makes the JCC a unique destination for our members.  Our brand empowers us to meet your wellness, education, and community needs - and to do so Jewishly, professionally, accessibly, and with heart.

But a new logo is not enough - our brand comes alive through the services we offer, the investments we make, and the ways in which we help our members meet their goals.  For nearly a year, a dedicated group of JCC members, partners, and advocates have been deeply exploring our fitness programs and facilities.  After many months of dialogue and research, this task force is now prepared to make recommendations to ensure that our wellness programs remain relevant for the entire spectrum of JCC users.

With that in mind, we are pleased to share that beginning Monday, May 11th, the JCC general locker rooms will be undergoing an exciting renovation.  In this first phase of our membership investment, we will be replacing the flooring, creating lounge spaces, upgrading the shower facilities, and a variety of additional cosmetic enhancements.

The second phase of this comprehensive investment plan, currently scheduled for early fall of 2015, will be a reimagining of the Habush Fitness Facility.  This project will feature a significant change to our entrance and reception area, a new floor plan, upgraded flooring, and more.

The final phase of investments, to be complete by the end of this calendar year, will include an upgrade to the flooring and other amenities in the Men's and Women's Health Centers.

We are excited to move forward with these investments, and know that these projects will temporarily change access within the JCC, specifically with the general locker rooms.  Beginning May 11th and continuing through May 29th, the general locker rooms will be unavailable for member and guest use.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and to mitigate any disruption, we invite all JCC members to make use of the Men's and Women's Health Centers during this construction period.  We also encourage JCC families to make full use of the Family Locker Room, which will remain accessible for the duration of the first phase.

To learn more about these projects, we encourage you to visit or stop by the JCC to see renderings of our renovated general locker rooms.

We thank you for your continued support of the JCC, and for your patience as we begin the most significant JCC membership investment in nearly a decade.  With the ongoing commitment of our members and friends, we can collectively ensure that the JCC remains a high-quality center for wellness, education, and community excellence. 

Moshe Katz

Immediate Past Chair 
JCC Board of Directors  
Co-Chair, JCC HR&F Task Force

Gregory Dorf 

Vice Chair
JCC Board of Directors
Co-Chair, JCC HR&F Task Force