Buddy Workout

December 14, 2015

Social support can be a big factor to someone succeeding in a healthy lifestyle change. Hear from our Live Up Healthier Fitness Instructors on why. This week only (December 14 - 19) sign up for Live Up Healthier with a buddy and get $25 off the program!

How much does social support help you?

Katie: Social support is the biggest factor if someone is going to succeed in a healthy lifestyle change. Without the support of the people you care about it’s difficult to find the motivation to keep moving forward. Whenever you’re trying something new it’s key to either find someone to do it with or identify someone who is going to be your cheerleader! My husband and I don’t workout together as much as we used to, but we continue to encourage each other. We also cook together to encourage healthy eating. Keep an open mind when someone comes to you for support, you may be the key ingredient to their success!

Have you ever wanted to not go get an exercise in and someone changed your mind?

Dawn: YES! If it weren’t for my sister I would skip my early morning workouts, being accountable to myself and to my sister makes it easier to get the gym especially during the winter. Having that social aspect really helps me and laughing during a workout really helps my mood for the rest of the day!

What is your favorite buddy exercise and why?

Ally: Favorite buddy exercise and why: Reach-and-Touch Plank. I like this exercise because it challenges multiple parts of the body, working your entire core as well as a little bit of balance. Plus, since you need a buddy to complete the exercise, it holds you accountable and offers extra motivation!

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