JCC Update: Community Health Next Steps

JCC Update: Community Health Next Steps

JCC Families,

It has been an unprecedented set of days; since we’ve made the difficult decision to close our buildings, commit wholly and uncompromisingly to community health, and deploy our resources to supporting the community in emerging ways – your support of us, of one another, and of Milwaukee has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Thank you for the time and space to make the right choices, communicate accurately and efficiently, and build a strong foundation for continued service.

With the support of the JCC Board of Directors, we have established these guiding principles for membership dues, enrollment fees, and program expenses:

  • Gan Ami Enrollment and Kids Center Before & After School Care– Recognizing the direct impact of building closures, JCC Education Families will have the option to a) apply the remaining half of this month’s already-processed enrollment charge as a credit in a future billing period or b) direct the remaining half of the March’s enrollment charge as a tax-deductible contribution to the JCC’s Staff and Service Sustainability efforts. Additional communication on these options will be sent directly to impacted families in the coming day.
  • Effective April 1st, no additional enrollment charges will be processed for Gan Ami or KidsCenter students, though families will continue to have the option to direct enrollment charges as a tax-deductible contribution to the JCC’s Staff and Service Sustainability efforts. More direct and specific communication will be sent directly to education families in the next day.
  • Program Registration Fees(classes, events, training sessions, etc.) – Any current program fees (where the identified program will not be rescheduled, or will not be otherwise delivered online or in an virtual environment) that have already been collected will be credited to your membership account for future use.
  • Day and Overnight Camp Fees– The JCC will extend the cancellation and refund period through June 1, 2020, and will suspend all payment plans for the next 30 days.
  • Membership Dues– JCC Membership is a diverse and engaging experience; even as our buildings close we continue to explore ways to serve the community, engage our members, and deliver a unique experience for all. The leadership of the JCC has chosen to fully invest March membership dues into our response to ensuring the healthiest community environment. Members will have three options for their April membership dues:
    • Continue to support the critical work, inclusive mission, and professional staff of the JCC through your ongoing membership
    • Freeze your membership starting April 1st at no cost, and activate your membership without penalty upon the building’s reopening
    • Cancel your membership, with 30 days notice required, and incur any applicable rejoining fees upon re-enrollment

Requests for membership freeze, cancellation, or additional support should be directed to JCC Membership.  If you find yourself confronted with an immediate hardship as a result of this community pandemic, please connect with the JCC Scholarship team to explore additional options and resources.

You have told us, in your voices and actions, that being a member of the JCC is more than access to a building.  We believe that membership is about the connection to one another, a commitment to our shared vision for the future, and an investment in the values that unite us. During this interruption, we have worked tirelessly to better understand the financial implications of our community’s response to COVID-19. We recognize this is a challenging time, complicated by the pace of change and new information, while balancing the needs of a community and service to our mission.

We want to thank those members, partners, and leaders who have already demonstrated their commitment to our mission and staff. We are blessed to partner with members and users who recognize that our staff family delivers exceptional service, with a tremendous amount of heart and expertise, and are enthusiastic to fully compensate our staff members at this time.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank those individuals, organizations, and institutions who have joined us in this active commitment to community health. We encourage everyone to recognize the severity of this moment, prioritize the needs of our at-risk communities, and insist on bravery in making the best choices based on the best, expert guidance.

In the days ahead, the JCC staff team will be ramping up the online resources, content, and engagement opportunities available to our community. If you have an idea, want to connect with community members, or otherwise want to explore ways to demonstrate our values and celebrate our community (in the most social-distancing-sensitive way!) please reach out to us.



Joe Kasle, Chair, JCC Board of Directors

Mark Shapiro, President & CEO