JCC Community Update: Health and Safety Protocols

JCC Community Update: Health and Safety Protocols

March 4, 2022

JCC Families,

The strength of our community’s response to this pandemic is rooted in our commitment to open dialogue, transparent decision-making, and a relentless focus on delivering safe and inclusive experiences.

As we emerge from the recent Omicron surge having mitigated the worst of the possibilities through discipline and proactive measures, we are now prepared to move forward with updated policies.

Mask Discretion

With the support of updated guidance from the CDC, married with real-time data from the North Shore Health Department, all JCC spaces and programs will become mask discretion spaces effective Sunday, March 6th. Members, users, staff, and guests are encouraged to mask at their own preferences across JCC facilities and program areas.

A note about mask-wearing: The JCC is an inclusive center built on shared values and respect. Whatever you may feel personally about mask-wearing and policy, we expect that the JCC will remain a space where our neighbor’s experience – masked or not masked – is honored with kavod (respect).

The Jewish Community Pantry will remain a mask-required space for the foreseeable future.

Beyond a Building

We will continue to explore and invest in unique program offerings, and commit to a balance of in-person, hybrid, and virtual programs. Beyond pandemics, we have discovered great community building in offering layered options for programs and events.

Program Impact and Unique Needs

Following guidance from licensing and subject matter experts, we will be updating our quarantine policies to minimize COVID exposure-related service interruption. Registered users in our Gan Ami, Kids Center, and camp programs can expect more details soon. In this way, we can continue to promote community health while equally ensuring continuity of service. Recognizing that our program areas have unique needs, and serve unique communities, those program leaders will be empowered to implement appropriate policies and expectations for those audiences.


Full vaccination remains the most effective tool for promoting community and personal health, and we strongly encourage all eligible individuals to get vaccinated. Community vaccination is the bedrock of reducing program limitations and increasing program availability. While we are not– at this time – requiring vaccination for program participation, select program areas (like Camp Interlaken JCC) or community events (like KidShare) may elect to make service available exclusively for vaccinated participants.

We will continue to monitor our operating environment and adjust as conditions require. Buoyed by our mission statement and strategic plans, and with the input of our professional leaders and Board of Directors, we will make data-driven decisions that support our entire community. We are confident that we can continue to deliver this community an exceptional, inclusive, and safe JCC experience.

Thank you for your trust, your support, and your ongoing choice to make the JCC a meaningful part of your lives.


Mark Shapiro
President & Chief Executive Officer