May 2022 JCC Community Update: Mask Mitzvah

May 2022 JCC Community Update: Mask Mitzvah

JCC Families,

When we introduced our Mask Mitzvah at the onset of the pandemic, it was to demonstrate our commitment to one another. Beyond mandates or ordinances, we took our responsibility as a health leader for the entire community seriously – and invited all of our members and guests to join us in living our shared values.

While we enter a new phase of Covid-related challenges, including a high positive test rate and increasing hospitalization rates that are moving our community into ‘red’ community levels once again, we’re reminded that a mitzvah is an active choice. Leveraging the best data available to us from local, national, and industry experts – joined with our own decision making processes and leadership – we are encouraging all JCC participants and staff to wear a mask while inside any of our JCC facilities. We recognize and count on you again to make the best choice in protecting yourselves, your families, and each other.

Over the coming days and weeks, you may encounter more JCC participants, guests, and staff actively choosing to mask up while engaging in indoor activities. As we prepare to open our outdoor summer sites – in Mequon, Fredonia, and Eagle River – we thank those members and guests who are giving thought to their choice to mask up when visiting an indoor JCC space and for the kavod (respect) we show one another everywhere the JCC community comes together.

We will continue to monitor local conditions and data and will modify our processes and expectations as necessary to best serve our diverse community.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and partnership.

Nancy Kennedy Barnett
Chair, JCC Board of Directors
Mark Shapiro
President & Chief Executive Officer