Our Programs & Events

Our Programs & Events

For early childhood, after school, or after work – from fitness to education to community programs – the JCC has a diverse selection of programs, services, and events for the entire community.

The JCC’s Commitment to You

Our programs are diverse; in audience, location, and specialty. Many of our programs are accredited to the highest level of state or industry practices and may have specific requirements regarding health standards. Some examples include:

Gan Ami Early Childhood Education is a Youngstar ‘five star’ certified program in the State of Wisconsin. Additionally, as a program under the supervision of the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Public Instruction, we follow specific guidelines and practices to ensure the overall health of the entire community.

Both the Steve & Shari Sadek Family Camp Interlaken JCC and the Albert & Ann Deshur JCC Rainbow Day Camp are accredited camps of the American Camping Association (ACA) and have received such accreditation after a comprehensive review of our facilities, programs, staff, and training.

Every program of the JCC has a set of policies that dictate the physical, educational, or operational readiness for that program. Cancellations, postponements, or service delays would be made on a case-by-case basis – specific to the unique requirements of that program, location, or its participants.

Community events – both those presented by the JCC or programs presented by partners using the JCC as a facility – will be reviewed with additional focus on readiness for serving the audiences anticipated. Additional resources (cleaning, security, operations) will be made available as circumstances require.

How We Can Work Together

For every reason you love the JCC, another member has an entirely different program or event that speaks to them. Together, we can ensure that the best of the JCC is made available for every member of the community:

  • Please follow the posted rules, procedures, or specifications for program participation. Different program areas may come with unique requirements (example: Gan Ami illness policy, Marcus Gym usage rules, locker room etiquette) and we encourage you to familiarize yourself before using.
  • If you have traveled – or are scheduled to travel – to destinations included in the ‘Level 3’ category (as established by the CDC) please refrain from participating in any JCC programs or events for up to 14 days.
  • Consider how you can support the health and comfort of your neighbors and friends; schedule regular (mobile) check-ins of neighbors you know to have compromised health or set up a text group for your neighborhood (or classroom or exercise group!)
  • If you’ve stayed home from work or school on account of illness – please stay away from your personal training session, book club, or swim lesson. You’ll get the most out of your JCC experience – and support the overall health of the entire community – when you focus your energies on your recovery.